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  • Gently Used Level IV Plate
    Gently Used Level IV Plate
    Armor - Apache Junction (Arizona) - April 19, 2018 $9.99 USD

    This level IV armor plate is in excellent condition! I only wore it for around the house a few times. It does have a few scuff marks, however.

  • SE-14 blaster pistol
    SE-14 blaster pistol
    Handguns - Tombstone (Arizona) - April 19, 2018 $13.00 USD

    The SE-14r light repeating blaster, also known as the SE-14 blaster pistol, or simply the SE-14 pistol, was a light repeating blaster manufactured by BlasTech Industries designed to be disassembled and fitted with a scope. Greatly resembling the SE-1...

  • Mons Meg
    Mons Meg
    Other - Luke AFB (Arizona) - April 19, 2018 $1.00 USD

    A gigantic siege cannon is truly the gift that keeps on giving, though few would want to get the gifts that it gives. This particular six-ton weapon was a gift given to Scotland’s King James II by the Duke of Burgundy (Eastern France) in 1454. For th...

  • Gold Plated AK-47
    Gold Plated AK-47
    Rifles - Scottsdale (Arizona) - April 19, 2018 $1,337.00 USD

    If you want to be like [redacted] and shoot explosive rounds from a golden AK-47, this is for you!