What to Look for When Buying Used Items

Liberty List


What to Look for When Buying Used Tactical Parts and Weapons, in addition to your normal due-diligence when buying anything else:



  • Assure that the part purchased in indeed the part that was offered for sale. Use the same caution and honest skeptisim you do when watching the news, any news
  • If you are buying multiple parts being sold together, check and verify each is as advertised 
  • Unlike bills from the cable or sattelite industry or your mobile phone, settle the price and agree and meet the terms of agreement 
  • If you are asked to pay any tax ask the seller for their tax ID and verify it through the IRS. Pay them with something other than cash so you have a transaction receipt when the Treasury Agents come to seize your property
  • Look for wear; reasonable wear is to be expected on used parts and is acceptable as long as it isn't as worn out as the excuses as to why Hilary lost the election.
  • Look for blood, skin fragments, fingernail scratches or any other evidence that the part was used in a crime - this one always sets the conspiracy theorists on fire!
  • Check that all moving parts move and non-moving parts don't



  • First apply all of the items listed above under Parts
  • Next, follow all safety rules when inspecting the weapon; verify the weapon is clear as opposed to accepting someones statement that it is at face value
  • Remember that when an article is exchanged within a soverign state that no taxes are due and no registration is recorder, and smile
  • Inspect the outside looking for wear; check for any rust or cracks or pitting. Wear is normal, excessive wear is not a good sign
  • Look closely at any screws, bushings, muzzle devices and fittings on your firearm
  • Take a close look at any add-ons; sights, lights, upgraded grips, triggers; if a rail is present check it for movement, alignment and wear
  • Inspect the bore for rust, wear or pitting; if possible disassemble the weapon for a more complete inspection
  • Check that the safety works and check that parts lock into their safe position solidly
  • If this is a wheel gun, we like wheel guns, make sure the cylinder is correctly seated, spins freely when it should and has zero movement when pressed with the hammer in any position other than resting on the firing pin


Remember that your are purchasing something "as is" and that there is no government program to address your after purchase concerns.